Twitter on Experimentation

As a part of the Wanted Dev Series, me and 3 other tweeps are talking about experimentation for the uninitiated. 28 October 2020 – 7pm SGT. Experimentation is at the heart of Twitter's product development cycle. Let us look into the value of the process and what basic steps to consider while running an experiment.

Future Opportunities in IT

Join me and others in the IT industry in a virtual fireside chat about future opportunities. Ask us questions ranging from hobbies and career growth tips and tricks.


Saud is currently leading the client engineering efforts at Twitter Singapore. Previously he worked on the pricing and data infrastructure, and the core appointment notification system at Shift. Prior to that he built a database framework for the Android app at Twitter and the call management infrastructure at Unicoi Systems. Over the years, he has worked on mobile applications, embedded systems, VoIP devices, core infrastructure and GUI frameworks.